Learn About the Program

Individuals with traumatic brain injuries or serious and persistent mental illness need unique care. They need trained workers who understand the challenges, the need for a positive environment and a long-term commitment.

They need a special home where they're challenged and supported.

A Typical Day

We generally start the day between 7:00am and 8:00am. We use this time to ensure medications are administered, preparing for breakfast and the residents are preparing for the day by checking our activity board. After breakfast, residents have the opportunity to learn a job or a variety of technical skills. All of our residents also have the option to attend groups through our adult day services, which are offered between 9:30am and 3:00pm Monday through Friday. After lunch, we take some time to relax and regroup for the afternoon. We promote exercise at the YMCA or open gym a minimum of three days a week. Upon return back to the house, residents will be encouraged to complete their daily chores and get ready for the evening by preparing dinner and planning for the evening activity. Our goal is to fill the day with positive learning, employment opportunities and fun. A home should be a haven where people know you, understand your needs and help each other. We try very hard to ensure residents of our facilities have the opportunity to meet their community goals.

Services Provided

Well Trained Staff
At Expanding Horizons, we are committed to providing all of our staff with trainings pertinent to their job. Some of our mandatory trainings include Non-Violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention, medication administration, CPR and first aid and mental health certification. Along with these trainings, we encourage all of our staff to seek resources and develop new techniques in the care of our residents. We also offer additional trainings, and accommodate any staff requests for training opportunities.

24 Hour Care and Supervision
Our homes are staffed 24 hours a day. All shifts overlap to ensure any pertinent information gets passed on between staff. We encourage our staff to work at all of our homes to get to know everyone. This versatility ensures we are providing the best possible care and supervision for our residents.

On-Staff Nursing
Expanding Horizons has an experienced LPN on staff. We also have several consultants including an RN, an on-call therapist and a dietician. These professionals are available for questions from both staff and residents.

Bus Line Training
Expanding Horizons encourages all of our residents to develop independent living skills. One of these skills is to provide bus line training for anyone who needs or desires to ride the bus. We assist our residents with the bus routes they will need to use, and teach them how to read the schedules. Additionally, we accompany our residents for a few rides to make sure they are familiar with boarding, exiting, where to wait, and how to pay for bus rides.

Job Coaching
We highly encourage our residents to seek and maintain employment. We are able to provide transportation to and from work as well as job coaching while at work. We also work closely with groups in the community to develop job skills through education and volunteering.

Additional Services

  • Conflict Resolution and Behavior Modification
  • Structured Day Programming and Computer Skills on Weekdays
  • Transportation to and from all Community Outings, Appointments and Home Visits
  • Money Management and Weekly Budgeting
  • Developed Fitness and Exercise Program
  • YMCA Passes

Rehabilitation Skills

Due to the rehabilitation we provide, all team members are trained to document activities involved in daily life. We use a goal-oriented system to encourage residents to complete these tasks with minimal prompts. Personalized goals are created recognizing that each resident has unique individual needs. The majority of our focus areas are:

  • Meal Preparation/Planning
  • Money Skills/Budgeting
  • Adult Day Services
  • Vocational Skills/Job Coaching
  • Community Activities
  • Medication Administration
  • Appointment Scheduling/Attending
  • Menu Planning/Grocery Shopping
  • Social Skills
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Grooming, Bathing
  • Toileting Assistance
  • Attending Local AA/NA meetings
  • House Chores
  • Laundry